Hilarious read

2 11 2009

I am reading “32 3rd graders and one class bunny” by Phillip Done.  It is really funny and entertaining, in an almost Erma Bombeck style of writing. The book is comprised of short essays about different times or things that have come up in the classroom where he teaches.  I thought I’d add a few of my own (style copied)

Some basic truths:

I am a music teacher.

If you put kids in a room full of drums and tell them not to touch them it is really more like an invitation than a command.

Someone will stick mallets up their nose at some point during the year.

Dancing with the stick horse is a privilege saved for the kid who ends up with no partner, but amazingly no one has figured it out yet.

If I sing “shave and a hair cut” they will finish with “two bits” even though they have no idea what a bit is.

Some boy will try to do an arm fart solo at some time during the year.

Someone will pick every staple or rock out of the carpet and bring it to me with a very concerned face saying “I found this in the carpet!” They expect me to thank them and tell them what to do with the offending items.

At least once a day someone will play the piano because they can’t resist the temptation. 🙂

I am a music teacher.




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