BC Teachers Job Action

24 06 2012

If you are wondering at all about what the teacher’s job action is all about, this video is a good summary made by  Surrey Teachers.  http://youtu.be/TYe5EPvSWpI

Want to know how class size and composition affects your kids?  I have 6 diagnosed Special Needs kids in my class, and 2 who are waiting for testing – their parents can’t afford the private testing.

How this affects these kids – we have one aide, she does a great job but between the two of us, we don’t really get to many of the kids, the worst 2 get most of our attention, partly because it is a safety issue for the other children. Obviously if you are spending all your time with 2 kids, then trying to help the other 6 who have difficulty,  the “regular” kids don’t get the attention they deserve either. (don’t even get me started about the bright ones.)

I am frustrated beyond belief, and it doesn’t look much better next year.

We asked for more Learning assistance time from the “Learning Improvement Fund” but we got more CUPE (non-teaching) time instead.  The school district decided they know better than we do what we need. (or could it be because CUPE has already settled their contract?)

Only one more week.  I am seriously considering changing professions again.






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