Getting Ready to Teach Teachers

1 11 2012

New school this year…that means more pro-d.  It’s ok, I secretly enjoy teaching, and I don’t care how old the students are. 🙂 My new school has a totally useless lab.  You can word process as long as you don’t need to print, sharing to the server is hit and miss, the only reliable file transfer method is a USB stick.  So much for many things that I do.  Plan B.  iPads.  I loaded them up with apps and now I need to “teach” how to use them.  I don’t think anyone really needs to be taught, they just need someone to encourage them. I decided that rather than “teach” iPads, I would get people thinking more about the role of technology in the school.  One of my colleagues asked me to present my Tech Top 10.  Since I was specifically asked to do the workshop on iPads, I thought I’d try to publish that here.  So here goes.

  1. Google Drive. (Formerly Documents) Hands down the easiest way to have students collaborate on a project.  Here is one a student did on Forestry While this wasn’t a collaborative project, it was done some at home, and some at school.  Google makes that easy.
  2. Twitter.  I have to say that when I have a tech question, Twitter is where I go.  Follow #edtech or #edchat I have a circle of followers and people who I follow. Follow me at cfraenkel
  3. Pinterest. Has become my new go to place for ideas and jumping off points.  A list of the top 20 Pinterest sites for education is here.
  4. That leads me to one of my goto websites for educational information so far not too commercial…we shall see.
  5. Glogster.  love love love this.  Poster it. With as one of my parents put it, no mess on the dining room table! We have used glogster for science posters, poetry, social studies.
  6. TED talks (Technology, Entertainment, Design) great place to learn.
  7. Top Documentary Films.  A colleague showed me this.  Thousands of free high quality documentary films free for you to watch in your classroom.
  8. Prezi A new overhaul makes it even easier to make awesome looking presentations really easily.
  9. Explain Everything for iPad.  Video, audio, record function, save to cloud.  I have used for recording lessons, or as a way for students to present information.  Brilliant.
  10. WordPress/Edublogs/any easy blogging platform.  My students blog, (or they did when I had access to functional computers at school)

*      My new favorite.  I’m just beginning to play with Pearltrees.  It is visual social bookmarking. It seems really easy    to use, and really easy to find information.  I’ll let you all know if I find any great educational uses.  Right now, I’m just playing.




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