Down by the School Song Lyrics

8 09 2014

Down by the School

Down by the school, where the students grow
Back to my work, I want to go
But if I do, Christy Clark will say
“Have you ever seen the zone?” “Now go get a loan”
Down by the school

Down by the school, where the students grow
Back to my work, I want to go
But if I do, Fassbender will say
“Come to the table”, “But we’re not able”
Down by the school

Down by the school, where the students grow
Back to my work, I want to go
But if I do, the media will say
“Have you seen Jim’s hair”, “Gives Cameron a scare”
Down by the school

Down by the school, where the students grow
Back to my work, I want to go
But if I do, the teachers will say
Time to fund education, to the standard of the nation
Down by the school.
Down by the school


Recorder Signs

25 01 2014

Recorder season is upon us, and to go with my new fingering charts, I made some signs.  Hopefully I can point to them and save my voice a little. (not going to work, but I can dream can’t I?) Thought I’d share.    Screen shot 2014-01-25 at 9.49.08 AM

Desk Name Plates

31 12 2013

Since I teach in 3 different places this year, I’m trying to make my life as easy as possible.  I made this for names on the grade 3 kids desks. (I hate the idea of paying for stuff like this) I have uploaded a pdf of my “Canadian” version of the desk name plate since I use Libre Office and have lots of strange fonts installed to do things like this I figured no one would want to sort all of that out.  I’m not the master of pretty borders and cute clip art, but this gets the job done.  Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 12.47.27 PM


Busy People just get Busier

11 09 2011

School starts, new grade level (4-5), huge renovation starting, running a conference in April, so what do I do? Join a choir! Of course, (and knowing me) not one that I can just show up to and sing, I had to choose one with regular homework. I’m loving it so far though.

Also on the agenda is to lobby the school district for more tech for our school (yeah that will go well.) We are in a completely woeful state at the moment, with one functional laptop cart of 16 and one computer in each room. How can I share… there are 540 kids at this school. Something has to happen and fast!

This isn’t “our” Union

21 07 2011

The BCTF required my private email address for use only on “urgent” Union business, relating to contract negotiations. Union reps told us that the School Board could shut down our email to make contract negotiations difficult, etc.

I knew I didn’t like the idea then, and I know it was a bad idea now.

Today I received an email (very carefully worded) from Susan Lambert, BCTF President, explaining the union position on the HST referendum and telling me when to vote etc.

  1. How is this “urgent” union business? (or union business at all?)
  2. How is this not illegal? Are there not laws in this country about telling people how to vote without saying as much?

I have to say I was angry and outraged that “our” union would spam the membership for political posturing. This has absolutely nothing to do with improving teaching and learning, and everything to do with political games  that I want no part of.



30 08 2009

1. A tempo mark directing that a passage is to be played at a walking pace.

2. The name of my dog.

Walk with me…

Finally Finished?

30 08 2009

I finished up the MET program last month. I’ve been busy having a life for a change so no new posts. Creating the final portfolio was an interesting process. I had no idea how much it would make me think about what I had learned and how my ideas had changed about how and why to use technologies in the classroom, including most importantly the misuse of the word technology. Easily the most lasting learning that will have come from this program will be the way I now carefully select my words when I am referring to computers, because after all the pencil is also a technology that has changed the world. It is humbling.

In honor of finishing up, I am going to change my blog title to Andante. More to come.