Creativity in Music Education and Technology

16 01 2009

My current coursework has us looking at the idea of research and research questions.  After I finished my research last term on Creativity and technology in Music Education, I was left with more questions than I started with.  The most difficult is how do we define what is musically creative?  Most of the studies look at improvisation or composition.  There are, however,  plently of brilliant composers who basically stole from their colleagues and contemporaries and mixed things up.  (Ever listen to both Handel and Haydn at the same sitting? it becomes clear that they shared) How different is borrowing a motif and re-arranging it from a mash up?  Is it creative, innovative, or theft?  Or some combination? What role do new technologies play?  Can I consider student work to be creative when there is no “musical” skill involved?  So many questions… not many answers.


Creativity and Technology

26 10 2008

I am currently in the midst of a research project on Creativity and Technology.  Clearly I will have to narrow this topic down as there is so much to read.  I am particularly enjoying ” Leonardo’s Laptop:   Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies.” by Ben Shneiderman from MIT Press. I am looking at the idea that we need transformations in computing away from computing technologies that do things for us to computing technologies that enable us to do a better job.  Shneiderman cites a lot of compelling evidence, like the ideas that computers can’t have that “Aha!” moment, which is the spark of creativity, but they can support you in getting to that moment, and taking it to the next level.

The most amazing thing I have found in the midst of this project is a little tool published by the National Acadamies of Science call the Reference finder.  Check it out here:

Favorite links for this week

19 09 2008

It’s been a busy week, (lots of homework) so I haven’t had much time to surf. Here are 2 though.

The Atlas of Early PrintingA visualization of fifteenth-century printing presses in Europe. Too bad I didn’t find this one while I was studying text and technology.

Ripple Tank Simulation Fun little Java Applet. Appeals to the geek in me.

Mapping Educational Technology

18 09 2008

In a literal sense, educational technology is any technology used for teaching and learning.  This would include books, pens, pencils and a host of other items that we often take for granted.  When I really thought about it, this is what I came up with.

Educational Technology Map